LeNova, Inc is known for it's EXCELLENCE in providing robust engineering and technology solutions.

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Our Leadership Team

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Over 30 years of business experiences in Biopharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries

Licensed Professional Engineers

Design and implementation of significant projects worldwide since 1985

Collaboration with peers to form a global technical team and Community of Practice (CoP)

Investigation of technology and complex legal cases to successfully deliver robust engineering solutions

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Academic Contributions

  • Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Building bridges between industry and academia
  • Introduce and recruiting top talent to industry
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Expertise & Experience

  • Chair of ISPE OSD Baseline Guide
  • CGMP, EPA, OSHA, ISO Compliance
  • Cleanroom application for semi-conductor R&D
  • Manufacturing Systems for Biopharma and Medical Devices
  • Healthcare and Community Centers
  • Hosiptal Operating Rooms and Ambulatory Surgical Centers
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Global Oral Solid Dosage Leader

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We Promote

  • PAT Application
  • Single-use Technology Utilization
  • Continuous Manufacturing Process
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Our adjunct professor advises students on the internship programs to connect and work with industry experts.

Passionate, Patient and Professionalism

Our leader is a certified instructor in teaching industry professionals, regulatory inspectors, and mentoring young engineers.

Vice-Chair of Industrial Advisory Group (IAG) to Academia Society

We have completed projects with

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