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Commercial Buildings & Assembly Facilities

Large Commercial Buildings

Server room.

Utility Metering Strategy for multi-functional and multi-tenant fitout

High effiency HVAC-VAV system for effective temperature and relative humidity control

Reliable environmental control for server rooms

Applied dessicant technology to reduce energy cost

Chapel and Fine-Arts Centers

  • Modernize HVAC system for multi-purpose rooms
  • Develop airflow pattern to create comfort zones by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Establish airborne noise control strategy to meet room sound effectivenss requirements for a fine-art center
Church interior
Conference room with vaulted ceilings

State-of-the-Art Office Complex

  • Open office concept for productivity and interactivity
  • Applying aerodynamic principals to ensure air quality
  • Using thermodynamic balancing for multiple space-orientation
Hard hat

Extraordinary Results in Commercial Applications

Hard hat
Operating Rooms.

Recreational and Community

  • Understand industry code, regulations, and requirements from authorities having jurisdictions
  • Excellent knowledge in thermodynamics, hydraulics, and applications
  • Value engineering to meet customer needs

Design-Build Projects Includes

Corporate offices, communication centers, and server facilites

Design and build olympic-sized indoor swimming pool for municipal facility

Community center, fine-arts building, and churches

Recovery bed cartoon.

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